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Legal entities

State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision of Modes of Consumption of Electricity and Heat in Zhytomyr Oblast (region)

Connection: Head of Inspection, Volodymyr Andriiovych Lushkin

State Scientific-Production Enterprise "Comprehensive Methods of Automation" (comet)

Taxpayer's number: 16308415

Connection: Head, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Krysov

State Scientific and Production Enterprise "Industrial Computer Systems"

Taxpayer's number: 16308527

Connection: Head, Yevhen Volodymyrovych Leonidov-Kanievskyi

State Scientific and Production Enterprise "Automized Informational Systems and Technologies"

Taxpayer's number: 16308639

Connection: Head, Yurii Ihorovych Burliai

Scientific and expert center on the regulation of the use and implementation of disinfection facilities of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine

Taxpayer's number: 21521097

Connection: Head, Yaroslav Ivanovych Penishkevych

Radgosp "Troyaniv" State JS Consortium "Ukrphytotherapy"

Taxpayer's number: 20650510

Connection: Head, Yurii Viktorovych Zaichuk