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Legal entities

"Rozsyplyanska Mine #2"

Taxpayer's number: 31846264

Connection: Head, Valerii Hryhorovych Streletskyi

Amvrosiiv Forestry

Taxpayer's number: 00991775

Connection: Head, Valerii Hryhorovych Honcharov

Experimental farm "Vyrishalne" of Institute of Agriculture of the Northeast of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine"

Taxpayer's number: 00729540

Connection: Head, Valerii Hryhorovych Tsybenko

Public Joint-Stock Company "Lynovyts Sugar Factory "Krasniy"

Taxpayer's number: 00372629

Connection: ownership, Valerii Hryhorovych Levchenko
Connection: ownership, Tetiana Afanasiivna Levchenko

State Enterprise Spezagrolising

Taxpayer's number: 37118591

Connection: Head, Ivan Hryhorovych Baryshev
Connection: Head, Valerii Petrovych Polshkov
Connection: Director, Andrii Anatoliiovych Samchenko

State Enterprise "Barrier"

Taxpayer's number: 31330051

Connection: Head, Valerii Hryhorovych Ratushnyi
Connection: Head, Ihor Stanislavovych Khlivnyi
Connection: temporarily acting director, Kostiantyn Yuriiovych Sushynskyi