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Legal entities

Private enterprise "Krokus"

Taxpayer's number: 32717641

Connection: ownership, Ivan Ivanovych Fushchych
Connection: Beneficial owner, Ivan Ivanovych Fushchych

Department of Protection, Use and Reproduction of Water Biological Resources and Fishery regulation in Poltava Oblast (Region)

Taxpayer's number: 34987803

Connection: Head, Ivan Ivanovych Drobot


Taxpayer's number: 33273535

Connection: Head, Ivan Ivanovych Pylypenko

Division of the National Mediation and Conciliation Service in Vinnytsia Oblast (region)

Taxpayer's number: ВП: 26253520

Connection: Head of the Department, Ivan Ivanovych Andrushchak

"Ceramics" llc

Taxpayer's number: 31500193

Connection: Beneficial owner, Ivan Ivanovych Mihulia

Pallace ltd

Taxpayer's number: 06595631

Connection: Founder, Ivan Ivanovych Avramov