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Legal entities

Affairs Management Separated Unit of the National Nuclear Energy Generating Company ENERGOATOM, SE

Taxpayer's number: ВП: 26200529

Connection: Directo of SS (Separated Subdivision) "Upravlinniia Spravamy", Ivan Stepanovych Meleshko

Private Institution Research Institute for Forensic Evaluation and Law

Taxpayer's number: 38558119

Connection: Beneficial owner, Ivan Aslanovych Mamedkhanov
Connection: ownership, Ihor Stepanovych Samardak
Connection: Beneficial owner, Ihor Stepanovych Samardak

State Enterprise Rosvytok under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Taxpayer's number: 33545152

Connection: Temporarily Acting Director, Ivan Stepanovych Sytnyk
Connection: Head, Yurii Oleksandrovych Halalu

Tyachiv Local Prosecution Office

Connection: Head, Ivan Ivanovych Shved
Connection: Head, Stepan Stepanovych Zhovnir

Ternopil Regional State Administration

Taxpayer's number: 00022622

Connection: Acting Head of the Regional State Administration, Ivan Bohdanovych Krysak
Connection: First Deputy Head of the oblast (region) State Administration, Ivan Bohdanovych Krysak
Connection: Head of the oblast (region) State Administration, Stepan Stepanovych Barna

State Enterprise National Newspaper and Magazine Publishing

Taxpayer's number: 16482679

Connection: Head, Ivan Vasylovych Kozlenko
Connection: Chief Executive Officer, Andrii Stepanovych Shchekun
Connection: Head, Mykhailo Petrovych Pishtoi