As of Oct. 23, 2019 information on a person «Кровцов Ігор Олексійович» is not available in the Register

Legal entities

Crimean Gnerating Systems

Taxpayer's number: 30909683

Connection: Head, Ihor Oleksiiovych Pylypenko

office of the National Service of Mediation and Reconciliation in Chernivtsi Oblast (Region)

Taxpayer's number: ВП: 26253744

Connection: Head, Ihor Oleksiiovych Shpak


Taxpayer's number: 41341819

Connection: Joint ownership, Ihor Oleksiiovych Zhmida

Mission of Ukraine to NATO

Connection: Head of the Mission of Ukraine to NATO, Ihor Oleksiiovych Dolhov

Bank of Georgia

Connection: client of the bank, Ihor Oleksiiovych Dolhov
Connection: client of the bank, Oleksandr Kvitashvili

"Piskiv Plant of Glass Products" llc

Taxpayer's number: 33894121

Connection: Beneficial owner, Ihor Vitaliiovych Kononenko
Connection: Beneficial owner, Petro Oleksiiovych Poroshenko