As of Oct. 20, 2019 information on a person «Косміна Олександр Ігорович» is not available in the Register

Legal entities

Ternopil District Regional Administration, Ternopil Oblast (region)

Taxpayer's number: 04058284

Connection: Head of the District State Administration, Oleksandr Ihorovych Pokhylyi

Enterprise of State Criminal and Executive Service of Ukraine (#25)

Taxpayer's number: 08680879

Connection: Head, Oleksandr Ihorovych Nekhaiev-Oleksandrov

PJSC "Farmstandard-biolik"

Taxpayer's number: 01973452

Connection: Former Member of Supervisory Board, shareholder, Oleksandr Ihorovych Bohatyrov

Khmelnytskyi Regional Fund of Support to Individual Housing Construction in Villages

Taxpayer's number: 30865339

Connection: Head, Oleksandr Ihorovych Shtoiko
Connection: Head, Oleksandr Petrovych Tomchyshyn


Taxpayer's number: 40390493

Connection: Deputy Head of the Party, Member of the Political Party Council, Andrii Ihorovych Riabov
Connection: Head of the Party, Member of the Political Council Party, Oleksandr Petrovych Hotsuliak

Sector of the State regulatory Service in Odesa Oblast (Region)

Connection: Head of the sector, Oleksandr Leonidovych Barskyi
Connection: Head of the sector, Andrii Ihorovych Holota