As of Oct. 16, 2019 information on a person «Бегімов Олексій Михайлович» is not available in the Register

Legal entities

PE "Record"

Taxpayer's number: 32890096

Connection: ownership, Oleksii Mykhailovych Rakoid
Connection: Beneficial owner, Oleksii Mykhailovych Rakoid


Taxpayer's number: 13689032

Connection: Joint ownership, Oleksii Mykhailovych Holembovskyi

Enterprise of State Criminal and Executive Service of Ukraine (#64)

Taxpayer's number: 08680655

Connection: Head, Oleksii Mykhailovych Pavlenko

State Enterprise Spezservice

Taxpayer's number: 21652362

Connection: Head, Oleksii Mykhailovych Proshkuratov

Scientific and engineering center of materials for welding and surfacing of the Institute of Electric Welding named after A.Patona of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Taxpayer's number: 32303097

Connection: Head, Oleksii Mykhailovych Holembovskyi

Limited Liability Company "Class-1"

Taxpayer's number: 21465163

Connection: Co-owner, Oleksii Mykhailovych Holembovskyi