As of Oct. 20, 2019 information on a person «Аксеновський Геннадій Олександрович» is not available in the Register

Legal entities


Taxpayer's number: 32291129

Connection: Beneficial owner, Hennadii Oleksandrovych Poberezhnyi

State Enterprise Ukrainian Aviation and Transport Enterprise Khoriv-AVIA under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine

Taxpayer's number: 30550903

Connection: Director, Hennadii Oleksandrovych Balla

Ziurupinsk Forestry and Hunting Station

Taxpayer's number: 00993194

Connection: Head, Vitalii Oleksandrovych Nefedov
Connection: Head, Hennadii Leonidovych Dudchenko

State Enterprise Derzhtrans

Taxpayer's number: 02736337

Connection: Head, Hennadii Oleksandrovych Ivanov
Connection: Head, Vitalii Petrovych Shapovalov
Connection: Head, Valerii Kostiantynovych Zolotar

Road Service in Zhytomyr Oblast (Region)

Taxpayer's number: 03451526

Connection: Head, Viktor Oleksandrovych Myronchuk
Connection: Head, Hennadii Vasylovych Savchenko
Connection: Head, Serhii Leonidovych Zaika

State Enterprise "Shostka State Plant "Zirka"

Taxpayer's number: 14315351

Connection: Head, Hennadii Yehorovych Maidanyk
Connection: Head, Andrii Oleksandrovych Yarosh
Connection: Head, Andrii Vasylovych Osypenko