Leshchenko Viktor Hryhorovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position Division of State Inspection of Ukraine on Security in Ground Transport in Oblast (Region), Head
Nov. 19, 2013 Resigned
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other spellings of name

Leshchenko Viktor Grigorevich

Leščenko Viktor Grigorovič

Leschtschenko Wiktor Hryhorowytsch

Leŝenko Vìktor Grigorovič

Leshchenco Victor Grygorovych

Lechtchenko Viktor Hryhorovytch

Leschenko Viktor Grigor'evich

Leshchenko Viktor Hrȳhorovȳch

Leschenko Viktor Hryhorovych

Lescenko Viktor Grigorevich

Leshhenko Viktor Grigor'evich

Leshchenko Viktor Grigor'yevich

Leshchenko Viktor Hryhorovych

Leščenko Viktor Hryhorovyč

Leshhenko Viktor Grigorovich

Leŝenko Viktor Grigor′evič

Лещенко Виктор Григорьевич

Leshhenko Viktor Grigor′evich

Leshchenko Viktor Grygorovych