Bielskyi Serhii Anatoliiovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position Administration of President of Ukraine, Head of the Department
May 1, 2016 Change of the legislation, which sets up PEP status
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
Period Position
Sept. 2, 2014 — till 2016 Administration of President of Ukraine, Head of the Department
other spellings of name

Byel's'kyj Serhij Anatolijovych

Biel's'cyi Sergii Anatoliiovych

Bjel's'kij Sergij Anatolijovich

Belskii Sergei Anatolevich

Bel′skijj Sergejj Anatol′evich

Bel'skiy Sergey Anatolievich

Bjel's'kij Sergij Anatolijovič

Bel'skij Sergej Anatolievich

Бельский Сергей Анатолиевич

Bel'skij Sergej Anatol'evich

Bielski Serhii Anatoliiovych

Belsky Sergey Anatolievich

Bel′skij Sergej Anatolievič

Bjelskyj Serhij Anatolijowytsch

Bel′skij Sergej Anatol′evič

Belskiy Sergey Anatol'yevich

Bielsky Serhii Anatoliiovych

Bel'skiy Sergey Anatol'yevich

Belski Sergey Anatolievich

Bielskyi Sergii Anatoliiovych

Belskii Sergei Anatolievich

Bielskyi Serhii Anatoliiovych

Belski Sergey Anatol'yevich

Bel′skijj Sergejj Anatolievich

Biel's'kyi Serhii Anatoliiovych

Belsky Sergey Anatol'yevich

Byelskȳĭ Serhiĭ Anatoliĭovȳch

Бельский Сергей Анатольевич

Bielskyy Serhiy Anatoliyovytch

Byel's'kyy Serhiy Anatoliyovych

Belskiy Sergey Anatolievich

Bjelʹsʹkyj Serhij Anatolijovyč

Bêl′s′kij Sergìj Anatolìjovič