Shyshka Ihor Ivanovych

Сategory Close associate
Last position ТОВ "ДОМ ЛЕСНИКА", Founder
Connections to individuals
Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
Head 34702553
Confirmed: April 10, 2018 інформація ЄДРПОУ
Founder 34702553
Confirmed: April 10, 2018 Інформація ЄДРПОУ
other spellings of name

Schyschka Ihor Iwanowytsch

Šiška Igor′ Ivanovič

Šiška Igor Ivanovič

Shyshka Igor Ivanovych

Shyshca Igor Ivanovych

Shishka Igor' Ivanovich

Šyška Ihor Ivanovyč

Šiška Ìgor Ìvanovič

Shishka Igor Ivanovich

Shyshka Ihor Ivanovych

Shȳshka Ihor Ivanovȳch

Шишка Игорь Иванович

Chychka Ihor Ivanovytch

Shishka Igor′ Ivanovich