Saveliev Oleksii Yevhenovych

Сategory Close associate
Last position Private Joint Stock Company "Owl Solar", Head
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Administration of President of Ukraine , Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office

business relationships Oct. 17, 2011—
Connections to legal entities
other spellings of name

Savel'yev Aleksey Evgen'yevich

Савельев Алексей Евгеньевич

Savel'jev Oleksij Jevgenovič

Savel'yev Oleksij Yevhenovych

Savel'yev Alexey Evgen'yevich

Savelyev Oleksiĭ Yevhenovȳch

Saweljew Oleksij Jewhenowytsch

Savel′ev Aleksej Evgen′evič

Savel′ev Aleksejj Evgen′evich

Savel'jev Oleksij Jevgenovich

Saveliev Oleksii Yevhenovych

Saveliev Olexii Yevhenovych

Savel'ev Aleksej Evgen'evich

Savel'iev Oleksii Yevhenovych

Saveliev Oleksii Ievgenovych

Savel'iev Olecsii Yevgenovych

Savel′êv Oleksìj Êvgenovič

Saveliev Oleksiy Ievhenovytch

Savel'yev Oleksiy Yevhenovych

Savelʹjev Oleksij Jevhenovyč

Savel'yev Aleksey Yevgen'yevich

Savelev Aleksei Evgenevich