Halushchenko Herman Valeriiovych

Halushchenko Herman Valeriiovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Date of birth
Last position Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, член Кабінету Міністрів України - Міністр енергетики України
Scoring of unexplained wealth risk (beta)
  1. Cash declared in the very first electronic asset declaration available in the system is USD 330000.0, that in 10.9 times exceeds income - USD 30267.85

  2. Declared hard cash - USD 332000.0 exceeds USD 50000

  3. The declaration states 1 cars, the price of which is more than 800 thousand hryvnias or is included in the list of cars subject to transport tax and approved by the Ministry of Economy https://www.me.gov.ua/vehicles/CalculatePrice?lang=en-GB

  4. There is no information on the value of 1 vehicles owned or used by PEP or family members since 2015 or later

Scoring is calculated based on the data from the annual asset declaration for 2020.

Methodology for assessing unexplained risk of PEPs was changed. Scoring is now functioning in a beta version.

Connections to individuals
Income and expenditures
Year Position Declarant's income, USD Family income, USD Expenses and other transactions of the declarant, USD

ДП НАЕК Енергоатом, Віце-президент

181 618,44 24 870,43

ДП НАЕК Енергоатом, Віце-президент

12 091,69 39 905,99

Міністерство розвитку економіки, торгівлі та сільського господарства, Державний секретар (candidate)

8 982,14 21 285,72 4 218,32
Monetary assets:
Declarant Family
Year Asset type UAH USD EUR Other UAH USD EUR Other
2020 Deposits 885 017,00 112 589,00 14,00
2020 Cash 332 000,00
2020 Other
2019 Deposits
2019 Cash 309 000,00
2019 Other
2018 Deposits
2018 Cash 180 000,00 150 000,00
2018 Other
Financial liabilities
Year Declarant's total, Household (family) total,
2020 UAH UAH
2019 UAH UAH
2018 UAH UAH
Gifts, prizes, winnings:
Year Declarant's total, USD Household (family) total, USD
Real estate:
Year Land Residential buildings Apartments Other real estate
2020 4924.0 sq. m (3) 319.7 sq. m (1) 173.3 sq. m (3)
2019 4924.0 sq. m (3) 319.7 sq. m (1) 173.3 sq. m (3)
2018 4924.0 sq. m (3) 319.7 sq. m (1) 173.3 sq. m (3)
Year Declarant Family
  • MERCEDES GLS-350 2017
  • Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2018
  • Land Rover Range Rover Velar 2018
  • MERCEDES GLS-350 2017
  • MERCEDES GLS-350 2017
На початку листопада журналістами та громадськими експертами було зафіксовано масштабну
аварію на Бурштинській тепловій електростанції неподалік м.Бурштин Івано-Франківської області. Про це стало відомо з матеріалу програми "Схеми" (проєкту “Радіо Свобода”
і Телеканалу "UA: Перший") та Центру протидії корупції.
Наші розслідування
"Брудна справа" Ахметова: засекречена аварія на ТЕС олігарха
Period Position
April 29, 2021 — Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, член Кабінету Міністрів України - Міністр енергетики України
April 29, 2021 — The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Minister
May 6, 2020 — till April 29, 2021 SE “NNEC “Energoatom”, Vice-President
— till Aug. 25, 2020 Political Party "Patriot", Member of political council and presidium
2011 — till July 1, 2013 Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Director of the Department of Judicial Work of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine
other spellings of name

Galuscenko German Valerevich

Galuscenko German Valerievich

Galuschenko German Valer'evich

Galuschenko German Valerievich

Galushchenco German Valeriiovych

Galushchenko German Valer'yevich

Galushchenko German Valerevich

Galushchenko German Valerievich

Galushchenko German Valeriiovych

Galushhenko German Valer'evich

Galushhenko German Valerievich

Galushhenko German Valerijovich

Galushhenko German Valer′evich

Galuŝenko German Valerievič

Galuŝenko German Valerìjovič

Galuŝenko German Valer′evič

Galuščenko German Valerijovič

Halouchtchenko Herman Valeriyovytch

Haluschenko Herman Valeriiovych

Haluschtschenko Herman Walerijowytsch

Halushchenko Herman Valeriiovych

Halushchenko Herman Valerijovych

Halushchenko Herman Valeriyovych

Halushchenko Herman Valeriĭovȳch

Haluščenko Herman Valerijovyč

Галущенко Герман Валериевич

Галущенко Герман Валерьевич