Ivashchenko Yurii Ivanovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine - Chief of Staff
2014 Resigned
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other spellings of name

Ivaschenko Yurii Ivanovych

Ivashhenko Yurij Ivanovich

Ivashchenko Yuriy Ivanovich

Ivaščenko Jurij Ivanovič

Ivashchenko Yuriĭ Ivanovȳch

Ivaŝenko Ûrij Ivanovič

Ivashchenko Jurij Ivanovych

Ivascenko Iurii Ivanovich

Ivashchenko Yuriy Ivanovych

Ivashchenko Yury Ivanovich

Ivashchenko Yuri Ivanovich

Ivashchenko Yurii Ivanovych

Ivashchenko Iurii Ivanovich

Iwaschtschenko Jurij Iwanowytsch

Ivashhenko Jurij Ivanovich

Ìvaŝenko Ûrìj Ìvanovič

Ivachtchenko Iouriy Ivanovytch

Ivashhenko Jurijj Ivanovich

Ivaščenko Jurij Ivanovyč

Иващенко Юрий Иванович

Ivaschenko Jurij Ivanovich

Ivashchenco Yurii Ivanovych

Ivashchenko Iurii Ivanovych