Skrypets Valentyn Viktorovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position Political Party "Youth to POWER", Head
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
Period Position
Political Party "Youth to POWER", Head
Confirmed: Sept. 11, 2017 Link
other spellings of name

Skripec' Valentin Viktorovič

Scrypets' Valentyn Victorovych

Skrypecʹ Valentyn Viktorovyč

Skrypez Walentyn Wiktorowytsch

Skripec Valentin Viktorovich

Skripec' Valentin Viktorovich

Skrypets Valentyn Viktorovych

Skripec′ Valentin Vìktorovič

Skripetc Valentin Viktorovich

Skrypets' Valentyn Viktorovych

Скрипец Валентин Викторович

Skripets Valentin Viktorovich

Skripecz Valentin Viktorovich

Skrȳpets Valentȳn Viktorovȳch

Skrypets Valentyn Viktorovytch

Skripec Valentin Viktorovič