Kuznietsov Volodymyr Serhiiovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position The State Treasury Service of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitization
Scoring of unexplained wealth risk
  1. overall amount of cash owned by declarant and family members is 15 575 644,00 UAH

  2. cash declared in the very first electronic asset declaration available in the system is 15 575 644,00 UAH, that in 37.8792 times exceeds income of 411 192,00 UAH declared for the corresponding year

  3. 1 company(-ies), of which declarant or family members own shares or other corporate rights, or otherwise control company, received budget transfers for contracts in the amount of 717 800,00 UAH during the year

  4. overall value of the property and assets 16 116 074,00 UAH exceeds income 411 192,00 UAH in 39.1935 times

Details on methodology for scoring unexplained wealth risk of politically exposed persons read here

Connections to individuals
Connections to legal entities
Income and expenditures
Year Position Declarant's income, USD Family income, USD Expenses and other transactions of the declarant, USD

Державна казначейська служба України, заступник Голови Державної казначейської служби України з питань цифрового розвитку, цифрових трансформацій і цифровізації (candidate)

10 342,18 7 011,64
Monetary assets:
Declarant Family
Year Asset type UAH USD EUR Other UAH USD EUR Other
2019 Deposits 89 454,00
2019 Cash 280 000,00
2019 Other
Financial liabilities
Year Declarant's total, Household (family) total,
2019 UAH UAH
Gifts, prizes, winnings:
Year Declarant's total, USD Household (family) total, USD
Real estate:
Year Land Residential buildings Apartments Other real estate
2019 120.0 sq. m (2) 201.56 sq. m (4) 22.2 sq. m (1)
Year Declarant Family
  • skoda superb 2013
Period Position
Oct. 22, 2020 — The State Treasury Service of Ukraine, Deputy Chairman for Digital Development, Digital Transformations and Digitization
other spellings of name

Kuznêcov Volodimir Sergìjovič

Kuznetcov Vladimir Sergeevich

Kuznietsov Volodymyr Serhiiovych

Kuznyetsov Volodymyr Serhijovych

Kouznietsov Volodymyr Serhiyovytch

Kuznjecov Volodimir Sergijovich

Kuznyetsov Volodȳmȳr Serhiĭovȳch

Kuznetsov Vladimir Sergeevich

Kuznjecov Volodimir Sergijovič

Кузнецов Владимир Сергеевич

Cuznietsov Volodymyr Sergiiovych

Kuznyetsov Volodymyr Serhiyovych

Kuzneczov Vladimir Sergeevich

Kuznietsov Volodymyr Sergiiovych

Kuznecov Vladimir Sergeevič

Kuznjecov Volodymyr Serhijovyč

Kuznecov Vladimir Sergeevich

Kusnjezow Wolodymyr Serhijowytsch