Babiichuk Vasyl Zakharovych

Сategory Family member
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
other spellings of name

Babiichuk Vasilii Zakharievich

Babijčuk Vasil' Zaharovič

Babychuk Vasil Zakharievich

Бабийчук Василь Захариевич

Babiĭchuk Vasȳl Zakharovȳch

Babiichuk Vasil Zakharievich

Babijčuk Vasilij Zaharievič

Бабийчук Василий Захариевич

Babijchuk Vasyl' Zakharovych

Babijjchuk Vasilijj Zakharievich

Babijchuk Vasil' Zaharievich

Babìjčuk Vasil′ Zaharovič

Babiychuk Vasili Zakharievich

Babijchuk Vasilij Zaharievich

Babiychuk Vasil Zakharievich

Babiichuk Vasil Zaharievich

Babijchuk Vasil' Zaxarievich

Babiychuk Vasiliy Zakharievich

Babijčuk Vasil′ Zaharievič

Babijtschuk Wasyl Sacharowytsch

Babiichuk Vasyl Zakharovych

Babiychuk Vasily Zakharievich

Babijchuk Vasilij Zaxarievich

Babiichuc Vasyl' Zakharovych

Babijchuk Vasil' Zakharovich

Babiichuk Vasilii Zaharievich

Babiychuk Vasyl' Zakharovych

Babiichuk Vasyl' Zakharovych

Babiytchouk Vasyl Zakharovytch

Babijčuk Vasylʹ Zaxarovyč

Babychuk Vasily Zakharievich

Babiychuk Vasil' Zakharievich

Babijjchuk Vasil′ Zakharievich