Kaplunov Avel Denysovych

Сategory Family member
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Political Party "Civil position" , Member of the Coordinating Council Party

other spellings of name

Caplunov Avel' Denysovych

Kaplounov Avel Denysovytch

Kaplunov Avel Denisovich

Kaplunov Avel Denysovych

Kaplunov Avel Denȳsovȳch

Kaplunov Avel' Denisovich

Kaplunov Avel' Denisovič

Kaplunov Avel' Denysovych

Kaplunov Avelʹ Denysovyč

Kaplunov Avel′ Denisovich

Kaplunov Avel′ Denisovič

Kaplunow Awel Denysowytsch

Каплунов Авель Денисович