Ternovyi Vasyl Petrovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Date of birth
Last position Public Joint Stock Company "Kyiv Radio Plant", Board Member
Sept. 2016 Change of ownership of the legal entity, which was giving PEP status to its officials
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
business relationships
Period Position
April 14, 2014 — till Sept. 2016 Public Joint Stock Company "Kyiv Radio Plant", Board Member
other spellings of name

Ternovyj Vasil' Petrovich

Терновый Василий Петрович

Ternovij Vasil′ Petrovič

Ternovyy Vasil' Petrovich

Терновый Василь Петрович

Ternovij Vasil' Petrovič

Ternovy Vasyl Petrovych

Ternovyj Vasilij Petrovič

Ternovyi Vasilii Petrovich

Ternovy Vasily Petrovich

Ternovyi Vasyl Petrovych

Ternovyj Vasylʹ Petrovyč

Ternovyy Vasyl Petrovytch

Ternovyj Vasilij Petrovich

Ternovyj Vasyl' Petrovych

Ternovi Vasyl Petrovych

Ternovyi Vasil Petrovich

Ternovyjj Vasilijj Petrovich

Ternovy Vasil Petrovich

Ternowyj Wasyl Petrowytsch

Ternovyy Vasyl' Petrovych

Ternovy'j Vasil' Petrovich

Ternovyjj Vasil′ Petrovich

Ternovyy Vasily Petrovich

Ternovij Vasil' Petrovich

Ternovȳĭ Vasȳl Petrovȳch

Ternovyy Vasiliy Petrovich

Ternovyj Vasil′ Petrovič

Ternovyy Vasil Petrovich

Ternovyi Vasyl' Petrovych

Ternovy'j Vasilij Petrovich

Ternovyy Vasili Petrovich