Chervonenko Oleksandra Yevhenivna

Сategory Family member
Last position Orion F-Trade LLC, Beneficial owner
Connections to individuals
Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
no data 38779813
ownership 38779813
Confirmed: Dec. 31, 2018 Income and assets declaration, 2018
Beneficial owner 38779813
other spellings of name

Tchervonenko Oleksandra Ievhenivna

Chervonenko Oleksandra Ievgenivna

Chervonenko Oleksandra Jevgenivna

Червоненко Александра Евгеньевна

Chervonenko Aleksandra Evgen'yevna

Červonenko Oleksandra Êvgenìvna

Chervonenko Aleksandra Yevgen'yevna

Červonenko Oleksandra Jevhenivna

Chervonenko Oleksandra Yevhenivna

Chervonenko Aleksandra Evgenevna

Chervonenko Olexandra Yevhenivna

Tscherwonenko Oleksandra Jewheniwna

Chervonenko Alexandra Evgen'yevna

Červonenko Oleksandra Jevgenivna

Chervonenko Aleksandra Evgen′evna

Chervonenco Olecsandra Yevgenivna

Chervonenko Aleksandra Evgen'evna

Červonenko Aleksandra Evgen′evna