Ihnatenko Oleksandr Stepanovych

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position Joint Stock Bank "Ukrgasbank", Board Member
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
business relationships
Period Position
July 1, 2017 — till Dec. 31, 2017 Joint Stock Bank "Ukrgasbank", Board Member
other spellings of name

Ihnatenko Oleksandr Stepanovyč

Ihnatenko Oleksandr Stepanovȳch

Ìgnatenko Oleksandr Stepanovič

Ignatenko Oleksandr Stepanovich

Ignatenco Olecsandr Stepanovych

Ihnatenko Oleksandr Stepanovych

Ihnatenko Oleksandr Stepanovytch

Ignatenko Oleksandr Stepanovič

Ignatenko Aleksandr Stepanovich

Игнатенко Александр Степанович

Ignatenko Oleksandr Stepanovych

Ignatenko Aleksandr Stepanovič

Ihnatenko Olexandr Stepanovych

Ignatenko Alexandr Stepanovich

Ihnatenko Oleksandr Stepanowytsch