Korzhuk Oleksandr Yuriiovych

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position Plant Artemzvaryuvannya PJSC, Member of the Supervisory Board
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
business relationships

Plant Artemzvaryuvannya PJSC , Member of the Audit Committee

business relationships
Period Position
Jan. 1, 2017 — till March 31, 2018 Plant Artemzvaryuvannya PJSC, Member of the Supervisory Board
other spellings of name

Corjuc Olecsandr Yuriiovych

Korjouk Oleksandr Iouriyovytch

Korjuk Aleksandr Iurevich

Korjuk Aleksandr Iurievich

Korshuk Oleksandr Jurijowytsch

Korzhuk Aleksandr Iurevich

Korzhuk Aleksandr Iurievich

Korzhuk Aleksandr Jur'evich

Korzhuk Aleksandr Jurievich

Korzhuk Aleksandr Jur′evich

Korzhuk Aleksandr Yur'evich

Korzhuk Aleksandr Yur'yevich

Korzhuk Aleksandr Yurievich

Korzhuk Alexandr Yur'yevich

Korzhuk Alexandr Yurievich

Korzhuk Oleksandr Iuriiovych

Korzhuk Oleksandr Jurijovich

Korzhuk Oleksandr Jurijovych

Korzhuk Oleksandr Yuriiovych

Korzhuk Oleksandr Yuriyovych

Korzhuk Oleksandr Yuriĭovȳch

Korzhuk Olexandr Yuriiovych

Koržuk Aleksandr Ûrievič

Koržuk Aleksandr Ûr′evič

Koržuk Oleksandr Jurijovič

Koržuk Oleksandr Jurijovyč

Koržuk Oleksandr Ûrìjovič

Коржук Александр Юриевич

Коржук Александр Юрьевич