Holokoz Yevhen Valeriiovych

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position Mykolaiv TPS JSC, Board Member
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
business relationships
Period Position
May 16, 2017 — till Dec. 31, 2017 Mykolaiv TPS JSC, Board Member
other spellings of name

Golokoz Evgenij Valerievich

Golokoz Evgeni Valerievich

Holokoz Ievhen Valeriyovytch

Голокоз Евгений Валериевич

Golokoz Evgenijj Valerievich

Golokoz Evgenii Valerevich

Holokos Jewhen Walerijowytsch

Golokoz Evgenijj Valer′evich

Golokoz Evgeni Valer'yevich

Golokoz Evgeny Valerievich

Holokoz Jevhen Valerijovyč

Golokoz Evgeniy Valer'yevich

Golokoz Ievgen Valeriiovych

Golokoz Evgeny Valer'yevich

Golokoz Evgenij Valer'evich

Golokoz Êvgen Valerìjovič

Golokoz Evgenii Valerievich

Golokoz Evgenij Valerievič

Golokoz Evgenij Valer′evič

Holokoz Eugene Valeriiovych

Golokoz Yevgeniy Valer'yevich

Holokoz Yevhen Valeriyovych

Golokoz Jevgen Valerijovič

Golocoz Yevgen Valeriiovych

Holokoz Yevhen Valerijovych

Golokoz Evgeniy Valerievich

Golokoz Yevgeniy Valerievich

Holokoz Yevhen Valeriiovych

Golokoz Jevgen Valerijovich

Голокоз Евгений Валерьевич

Holokoz Yevhen Valeriĭovȳch