Polishchuk Iryna Mykolaivna

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position Khmelnytskoblenergo JSC, Member of the Audit Committee
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
business relationships
business relationships
Period Position
April 27, 2015 — till June 30, 2016 Khmelnytskoblenergo JSC, Member of the Audit Committee
other spellings of name

Polishhuk Irina Mikolajivna

Poliščuk Irina Mikolaivna

Polishhuk Irina Nikolaevna

Polischuk Iryna Mykolaivna

Poliscuk Irina Nikolaevna

Polischuk Irina Nikolaevna

Полищук Ирина Николаевна

Polishchuc Iryna Mycolaivna

Polischtschuk Iryna Mykolajiwna

Polishchuk Irȳna Mȳkolayivna

Polìŝuk Ìrina Mikolaïvna

Polishchuk Iryna Mykolayivna

Poliščuk Iryna Mykolajivna

Polichtchouk Iryna Mykolaïvna

Polishchuk Irina Nikolaevna

Polishchuk Iryna Mykolaivna

Poliŝuk Irina Nikolaevna

Polishchuk Irene Mykolaivna