Stepanenko Andrii Vasylovych

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position National Depository of Ukraine PJSC, Board Member
April 26, 2016 Close associate or family member - PEP is no more PEP
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
Period Position
April 24, 2014 — till May 31, 2016 National Depository of Ukraine PJSC, Board Member
other spellings of name

Stepanenko Andrii Vasyl'ovych

Stepanenco Andrii Vasyl'ovych

Stepanenko Andrey Vasil'yevich

Stepanenko Andrei Vasilevich

Stepanenko Andrij Vasil'ovich

Stepanenko Andrejj Vasil′evich

Stepanenko Andrej Vasil′evič

Stepanenko Andrìj Vasil′ovič

Stepanenko Andrij Wasylowytsch

Stepanenko Andrej Vasil'evich

Stepanenko Andrij Vasylʹovyč

Stepanenko Andrii Vasylovych

Степаненко Андрей Васильевич

Stepanenko Andriy Vasylovytch

Stepanenko Andrij Vasyl'ovych

Stepanenko Andriy Vasyl'ovych

Stepanenko Andrij Vasil'ovič

Stepanenko Andriĭ Vasȳlovȳch