Paliichuk Nataliia Oleksiivna

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position Zaporizhzhyaoblenergo PJSC, Member of the Audit Committee
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
business relationships

Kharkivoblenergo JSC , Member of the Supervisory Board

business relationships
Period Position
March 31, 2010 — till June 30, 2016 Zaporizhzhyaoblenergo PJSC, Member of the Audit Committee
other spellings of name

Palychuk Nataliya Alekseevna

Palijchuk Natalija Oleksijivna

Palijčuk Natalija Oleksiivna

Palychuk Natalya Alekseevna

Palijčuk Natal′â Alekseevna

Paliychuk Nataliya Alexeevna

Paliichuk Nataliia Alekseevna

Palijchuk Natalija Alekseevna

Paliychuk Natalya Alekseevna

Palijjchuk Natalija Alekseevna

Paliichuk Nataliia Oleksiivna

Palijchuk Nataliya Alekseevna

Palìjčuk Natalìâ Oleksìïvna

Paliychuk Nataliya Alekseevna

Paliichuk Nataliia Olexiivna

Paliychuk Natal'ya Alekseevna

Палийчук Наталия Алексеевна

Palijčuk Nataliâ Alekseevna

Palijjchuk Natal′ja Alekseevna

Palijchuk Natal'ja Alekseevna

Paliychuk Nataliya Oleksiyivna

Palijchuk Natalija Oleksiyivna

Paliychuk Natalya Alexeevna

Palijčuk Natalija Oleksijivna

Paliichuk Natalia Alekseevna

Paliytchouk Nataliia Oleksiïvna

Paliichuc Nataliia Olecsiivna

Palijtschuk Natalija Oleksijiwna

Paliĭchuk Nataliya Oleksiyivna

Palijchuk Natal'ya Alekseevna

Палийчук Наталья Алексеевна