Serebriakov Mykhailo Mykhailovych

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position Private Joint-Stock Company "Diprozvyazok", Board Member
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
business relationships

Private Joint-Stock Company "Diprozvyazok" , Head of 4th Department of Finance and Economic of Department of Administration of the State Service of Special Communication and Informational Protection of Ukraine, Chairman of the Audit Committee

business relationships
business relationships
Period Position
July 24, 2013 — till Dec. 31, 2017 Private Joint-Stock Company "Diprozvyazok", Board Member
other spellings of name

Serebriacov Mykhailo Mykhailovych

Serebrjakov Mihajlo Mihajlovič

Serebriakov Mykhaylo Mykhaylovytch

Serebryakov Mikhail Mikhaylovich

Serebriakov Mihail Mihailovich

Serebryakov Mykhaylo Mykhaylovych

Serebrâkov Mihajlo Mihajlovič

Serebrâkov Mihail Mihajlovič

Serebrjakow Mychajlo Mychajlowytsch

Serebrjakov Mikhail Mikhajjlovich

Serebrjakov Mihail Mihajlovich

Serebriakov Mykhailo Mykhailovych

Serebrjakov Mikhajlo Mikhajlovich

Serebrjakov Mykhajlo Mykhajlovych

Serebriakov Mikhail Mikhailovich

Serebrjakov Myxajlo Myxajlovyč

Серебряков Михаил Михайлович

Serebryakov Mȳkhaĭlo Mȳkhaĭlovȳch

Serebryakov Mixail Mixajlovich