Kupchak Oksana Ivanivna

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position АТ "УКРСПЕЦТРАНСГАЗ", Member of the Audit Committee
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships
business relationships
business relationships
Period Position
Jan. 1, 2012 — till Sept. 30, 2017 АТ "УКРСПЕЦТРАНСГАЗ", Member of the Audit Committee
other spellings of name

Kupchak Oxana Ivanivna

Kouptchak Oksana Ivanivna

Kuptschak Oksana Iwaniwna

Kupčak Oksana Ìvanìvna

Kupchak Oksana Ivanivna

Kupčak Oksana Ivanivna

Kupčak Oksana Ivanovna

Kupchak Oxana Ivanovna

Cupchac Ocsana Ivanivna

Kupchak Oksana Ivanovna

Купчак Оксана Ивановна