Cherkaskyi Oleksii Yuriiovych

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position Turboatom JSC, Deputy Chairman of the Board
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
business relationships

State Property Fund of Ukraine , First Deputy Head of the State Property Fund of Ukraine - Member of the Board

business relationships
Period Position
April 2, 2010 — till Dec. 31, 2017 Turboatom JSC, Deputy Chairman of the Board
other spellings of name

Cherkaskij Aleksej Yurievich

Cherkas'kyi Oleksii Yuriiovych

Cherkaskii Aleksei Iurievich

Cherkaskij Aleksej Jur'evich

Čerkaskij Aleksej Ûrievič

Tscherkaskyj Oleksij Jurijowytsch

Cherkaskȳĭ Oleksiĭ Yuriĭovȳch

Cherkaskiy Aleksey Yurievich

Cherkas'kyj Oleksij Jurijovych

Cherkaski Oleksii Yuriiovych

Cherkaskij Aleksej Yur'evich

Cherkaskijj Aleksejj Jurievich

Cherkaskiy Alexey Yurievich

Čerkasʹkyj Oleksij Jurijovyč

Cherkaskij Aleksej Jurievich

Cherkaskiy Alexey Yur'yevich

Tcherkaskyy Oleksiy Iouriyovytch

Cherkas'kij Oleksij Jurijovich

Cherkaski Aleksey Yur'yevich

Cherkaskyi Oleksii Iuriiovych

Cherkasky Oleksii Yuriiovych

Čerkaskij Aleksej Ûr′evič

Cherkaskijj Aleksejj Jur′evich

Cherkasky Aleksey Yur'yevich

Cherkaski Aleksey Yurievich

Cherkaskiy Aleksey Yur'yevich

Čerkas′kij Oleksìj Ûrìjovič

Cherkaskii Aleksei Iurevich

Chercas'cyi Olecsii Yuriiovych

Cherkasky Aleksey Yurievich

Cherkaskyi Oleksii Yuriiovych

Cherkas'kyy Oleksiy Yuriyovych

Cherkaskyi Olexii Yuriiovych

Черкаский Алексей Юриевич

Черкаский Алексей Юрьевич

Čerkas'kij Oleksij Jurijovič