Schroder John

Schroder John

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Громадянин(-ка) United States of America
Last position United Coal Company, Head
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є (були) пов'язані з UNITED COAL COMPANY

Confirmed: Oct. 2, 2018 Інформація веб-сайту
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President 03695574
Head S1506007
Confirmed: Oct. 1, 2018 Інформація веб-сайту

According to the United Coal Company LLC website, Mr. Schroder started his mining career with US Steel Mining in 2000. He rose through the management ranks at US Steel Mining, PinnOak, and Drummond before joining UCC in 2006.

During his 11 years at UCC, Mr. Schroder has been in various positions including mine superintendent, process improvement director, operations president, and VP of Operations.

Mr. Schroder earned a master of business administration from West Virginia University and a bachelor of science in mining engineering from Virginia Tech.

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Schroder John