Paskhalov Yehor Oleksandrovych

Сategory Close associate
Last position ТОВ “Дукат-інвест”, Head
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) , Member of Parliament of Ukraine of the 7th Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada, the Party of Regions

business relationships
Connections to legal entities
other spellings of name

Pashalov Jegor Oleksandrovič

Paskhalov Iegor Oleksandrovych

Paskhalov Yehor Oleksandrovȳch

Paskhalov Yehor Oleksandrovych

Paskhalov Jegor Oleksandrovich

Paschalow Jehor Oleksandrowytsch

Paskhalov Yegor Olecsandrovych

Pasxalov Jehor Oleksandrovyč

Paskhalov Iehor Oleksandrovytch

Paskhalov Yehor Olexandrovych

Pashalov Êgor Oleksandrovič