Daniuk Oleksandr Mykolaiovych

Сategory Family member
Last position Budmatyka LLC, Beneficial owner
Connections to individuals
Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
ownership 35317322
Beneficial owner 35317322
Bank accounts:
Bank Taxpayer's number Status
14360570 client of the bank
00032112 client of the bank
other spellings of name

Daniuk Oleksandr Mykolaiovych

Danjuk Oleksandr Mykolajovych

Danjuk Oleksandr Mykolajovyč

Danjuk Oleksandr Mikolajovich

Danjuk Oleksandr Mikolajovič

Danjuk Oleksandr Mykolajowytsch

Danyuk Oleksandr Mykolayovych

Daniouk Oleksandr Mykolayovytch

Danûk Oleksandr Mikolajovič

Danyuk Oleksandr Mȳkolaĭovȳch

Daniuk Olexandr Mykolaiovych

Daniuc Olecsandr Mycolaiovych