Buhaiov Roman Anatoliiovych

Buhaiov Roman Anatoliiovych

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Last position TRIORE LIMITED, Head
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є (були) пов'язані через "Систем Кепітал Менеджмент"

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Roman Bugaiov took office of Director of Corporate Rights and Foreign Asset Management in September 2007. Initially he came to SCM in 2003 as Corporate Rights specialist and was promoted to Corporate Rights Manager, a position he held from 2005 to 2007.

In 2002-2003 Roman worked at investment company Keramet Invest.

In 1996-2002 he worked at the Donetsk Regional Office of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

At SCM Roman Bugaiov develops and implements the Company’s policy on corporate rights management, organises transactions with corporate rights and operations of foreign subsidiaries of the SCM Group.

Roman is currently the Director of foreign subsidiaries of the SCM Group.

more information is available in Ukrainian version of the dossier

other spellings of name

Bugaiov Roman Anatoliiovych

Buhayov Roman Anatoliyovych

Bugaev Roman Anatol'yevich

Bugaev Roman Anatol′evich

Бугаев Роман Анатолиевич

Buhajov Roman Anatolijovych

Bugaev Roman Anatolievich

Bugaev Roman Anatolevich

Buhajow Roman Anatolijowytsch

Bouhayov Roman Anatoliyovytch

Bugaev Roman Anatolievič

Бугаев Роман Анатольевич

Buhajov Roman Anatolijovyč

Buhaiov Roman Anatoliiovych

Bugaev Roman Anatol′evič

Bugajov Roman Anatolijovič

Bugajov Roman Anatolìjovič

Buhaĭov Roman Anatoliĭovȳch

Bugaiov Roman

Bugaev Roman Anatol'evich

Bugajov Roman Anatolijovich