Pinchuk Viktor Mykhailovych

Pinchuk Viktor Mykhailovych

Сategory Close associate
Громадянин(-ка) Ukraine
Last position Geo Alliance Oil-Gas Public Limited, Beneficial owner
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father in law
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Ігор Коломойський – український олігарх. Власник медіа, сталеливарних, феросплавних, нафтових і газових активів; елітної нерухомості, морських терміналів, курортів та літаків. Усі ці активи входять в умовну групу "Приват" й нині частково арештовані.

Втім, арешт накладено тільки на ті активи, які напряму записані на мільярдера або задіяні у схемах виведення грошей з Приватбанку. Інші активи завбачливо виведені в офшори або записані на довірених осіб – trusted persons.
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Trusted persons: хто управляє офшорними активами Ігоря Коломойського

Victor Pinchuk is a Ukrainian businessman, philanthropist, son-in-law ex-President of Ukraine Kuchma Leonid Danylovych.

According official biography, born in Kyiv in 1960, he graduate from the Dnipropetrovs’k Metallurgical Institute in 1983. He became a research engineer in pipe production and earned a PhD degree in 1987. In 1990, he founded Interpipe Company on the basis of his patented innovations in pipe design, engineering and production, which were successfully adopted by leading metallurgical factories in the former USSR. In 2007, he founded EastOne Ltd., an international investment advisory company whose portfolio comprises more than 20 businesses and large-scale projects, including Interpipe and assets in Ukraine and internationally in media, oil and gas, ferroalloys and others. In 2012, he opened an IT business incubator in Kyiv, Eastlabs, and the first newly built metallurgical plant in Ukraine for 45 years, a state of the art steel mill that also includes large scale installations of world renowned artist Olafur Eliasson.

Mr. Pinchuk served two terms as an elected Member of the Ukrainian Parliament, from 1998 to 2006. 

In 2004, he created the Yalta European Strategy - YES - an international independent organization that is promoting Ukraine's European and global integration. Its annual meeting has become the main high-level platform in the region to discuss strategies for Wider Europe.

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other spellings of name

Pinčuk Viktor Myxajlovyč

Pìnčuk Vìktor Mihajlovič

Pinchuk Viktor Mȳkhaĭlovȳch

Pinchuk Viktor Mykhailovych

Pinchuk Viktor Mikhailovich

Pinchuk Viktor Mihailovich

Pinčuk Viktor Mihajlovič

Pintchouk Viktor Mykhaylovytch

Pinchuk Viktor Mikhajlovich

Pinchuk Viktor Mykhaylovych

Pintschuk Wiktor Mychajlowytsch

Pinchuk Viktor Mihajlovich

Pinchuk Viktor Mikhaylovich

Pinchuk Viktor Mikhajjlovich

Pinchuk Viktor Mixajlovich

Pinchuk Viktor Mykhajlovych

Пинчук Виктор Михайлович

Pinchuc Victor Mykhailovych