Lisovyi Vasyl Demianovych

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Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) , Member of Parliament of Ukraine of the 8th Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada

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Lisovyy Vasily Demyanovich

Lisovyj Vasylʹ Demjanovyč

Lisovij Vasil' Demjanovič

Lisovy Vasily Demyanovich

Lisovij Vasil' Dem'janovich

Lisovyy Vasyl Demianovytch

Lisovyy Vasyl' Dem'yanovych

Lisovy Vasil Demyanovich

Лисовый Василь Демьянович

Lisovy'j Vasilij Dem'yanovich

Lisovyjj Vasilijj Dem′janovich

Lisovyj Vasilij Dem'janovich

Lisovyj Vasyl' Dem'janovych

Lisovyy Vasili Demyanovich

Lisovi Vasyl Demianovych

Lisovyy Vasil' Dem'yanovich

Lisovyy Vasiliy Dem'yanovich

Lisovyi Vasilii Demianovich

Lisowyj Wasyl Demjanowytsch

Lisovyy Vasil Demyanovich

Lisovyi Vasyl Demianovych

Lisovyj Vasil′ Dem′ânovič

Lìsovij Vasil′ Dem'ânovič

Lisovȳĭ Vasȳl Demyanovȳch

Lisovyj Vasilij Dem′ânovič

Lisovy Vasyl Demianovych

Lisovyjj Vasil′ Dem′janovich

Lisovyj Vasil' Dem'janovich

Lisovyy Vasiliy Demyanovich

Лисовый Василий Демьянович

Lisovy'j Vasil' Dem'yanovich

Lisovyi Vasyl' Dem'yanovych

Lisovyi Vasil Demianovich