Morkotonov Ihor Vitaliiovych

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position Kharkiv City Charity Fund named after Marianna Avakova, Head
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Avitalia s.r.l., Радник (consigliare)

business relationships

є (були) пов'язаними з  ТОВ "ТЕЛЕКОМПАНІЯ "АТН"

Connections to legal entities
other spellings of name

Morkotonov Ihor Vitaliyovytch

Morkotonov Ihor Vitalijovych

Morkotonov Ihor Vitaliyovych

Morkotonov Igor Vitaliiovych

Morcotonov Igor Vitaliiovych

Morkotonow Ihor Witalijowytsch

Morkotonov Ihor Vitaliiovych

Morkotonov Igor Vitalijovič

Morkotonov Ihor Vitalijovyč

Morkotonov Ìgor Vìtalìjovič

Morkotonov Igor Vitalijovich

Morkotonov Ihor Vitaliĭovȳch