Bordovskyi Serhii Borysovych

Сategory Close associate
Last position SE "Research Center of Media Technologies", Head
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
Connections to legal entities
other spellings of name

Bordovsʹkyj Serhij Borysovyč

Bordovskyi Serhii Borysovych

Bordovskyi Sergii Borysovych

Bordovs'kyj Serhij Borysovych

Bordovskyy Serhiy Borysovytch

Bordovskȳĭ Serhiĭ Borȳsovȳch

Bordovski Serhii Borysovych

Bordovs'kij Sergij Borisovič

Bordovs'kij Sergij Borisovich

Bordovs'cyi Sergii Borysovych

Bordovs'kyy Serhiy Borysovych

Bordowskyj Serhij Borysowytsch

Bordovs'kyi Serhii Borysovych

Bordovs′kij Sergìj Borisovič

Bordovsky Serhii Borysovych