Lutsenko Serhii Vitaliiovych

Сategory Family member
Date of birth
Громадянин(-ка) Ukraine
Last position Limited Liability Company "Zimex", Founder
Connections to individuals
Connections to legal entities

Lutsenko Serhiy Vitaliyovych is the brother of Lutsenko Yuriy Vitaliyovych, Prosecutor General of Ukraine since 12 May 2016 (as of January 2018). In the period from 06 September 2012 till 12 December 2012 Serhiy Lutsenko was a Member of Parliament from the Block "Our Ukraine – People’s Defense".

Serhiy Lutsenko is the owner of shares in a number of legal entities, namely: LLC "International Investment Center Genesis"LLC "Zimex" (liquidated), Agricultural Production Cooperative "Info-center"LLC "Privatexpress" (in the stage of liquidation).

LLC "International Investment Center Genesis" is registered at the address 03084, Kyiv, Koncha-Zaspa, Stolychne avenue, 27 km. Subsidiary enterprise “Clinical Sanatorium “October” of “Ukrprofozdorovnytsia” LTD is registered at the same address. The co-founder of LLC “International Investment Center Genesis” together with Serhiy Lutsenko is Mohammad Rokai. The same Mohammad Rokai is the co-founder of LLC "Medical Center "Aryana Medical Top Group" (main type of economic activity – “Activity of medical establishments”), LLC "Expert group Favorite", LLC "Antares-Invest”. LLC “Expert group Favorite” and LLC “Antares-Invest” are also located at the address of the sanatorium “Kvitka Polonyny” (Zakarpatia region, Savalyavy district, village Solochyn, owned by LLC “Suzirya”). 

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other spellings of name

Lucenko Sergei Vitalevich

Lucenko Sergej Vital′evič

Lucenko Sergej Vitalievič

Lucenko Sergejj Vitalievich

Lutsenko Serhii Vitaliiovych

Lutsenko Sergii Vitaliiovych

Lutsenko Serhiĭ Vitaliĭovȳch

Lutsenko Sergej Vitalievich

Lutsenko Sergey Vital'yevich

Луценко Сергей Витальевич

Lucenko Sergei Vitalievich

Lutsenko Sergei Vitalevich

Lutcenko Sergei Vitalievich

Lucenko Sergij Vitalijovič

Lucenko Sergij Vitalijovich

Lucenko Sergej Vitalievich

Luzenko Serhij Witalijowytsch

Lucenko Sergìj Vìtalìjovič

Lutsenko Serhiy Vitaliyovych

Lutsenko Sergei Vitalievich

Lutsenko Sergey Vitalievich

Lutsenko Sergej Vital'evich

Луценко Сергей Виталиевич

Lutsenko Serhij Vitalijovych

Lutsenco Sergii Vitaliiovych

Loutsenko Serhiy Vitaliyovytch

Lutcenko Sergei Vitalevich

Lucenko Sergejj Vital′evich

Lucenko Serhij Vitalijovyč

Lucenko Sergej Vital'evich