Borysenko Anatolii Valeriiovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position Subsidiary enterprise "Dnipropetrovsk Service of Regional Automobile Roads", Head
Date of dismissal
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
other spellings of name

Borysenko Anatolij Walerijowytsch

Borisenko Anatolii Valerevich

Борисенко Анатолий Валериевич

Borysenco Anatolii Valeriiovych

Borisenko Anatoli Valerievich

Borisenko Anatolii Valerievich

Borȳsenko Anatoliĭ Valeriĭovȳch

Борисенко Анатолий Валерьевич

Borysenko Anatolij Valerijovyč

Borisenko Anatoly Valerievich

Borysenko Anatoliy Valeriyovytch

Borisenko Anatoliy Valerievich

Borysenko Anatoliy Valeriyovych

Borisenko Anatoli Valer'yevich

Borysenko Anatolii Valeriiovych

Borisenko Anatolijj Valer′evich

Borisenko Anatolij Valerijovich

Borisenko Anatolij Valer'evich

Borisenko Anatolij Valerievich

Borisenko Anatolij Valer′evič

Borisenko Anatoliy Valer'yevich

Borisenko Anatoly Valer'yevich

Borysenko Anatolij Valerijovych

Borisenko Anatolij Valerijovič

Borisenko Anatolij Valerievič

Borisenko Anatolìj Valerìjovič

Borisenko Anatolijj Valerievich