Kovalenko Yevhen Serhiiovych

Сategory Close associate
Зареєстрований(-а) Ukraine
Last position Limited Liability Company "Aminami", Director/Founder
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

LLC Syepek , Head of Group of Companies

business relationships

Пов'язані через ТОВ "Амінамі"

Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
Director/Founder 38179985
Other documents
other spellings of name

Kovalenko Yevhen Serhiyovych

Kovalenko Evgenij Sergeevich

Kovalenko Ievhen Serhiyovytch

Kovalenko Yevgeniy Sergeevich

Kowalenko Jewhen Serhijowytsch

Kovalenko Evgeny Sergeevich

Kovalenko Eugene Serhiiovych

Kovalenko Yevhen Serhiiovych

Kovalenko Evgenijj Sergeevich

Kovalenko Yevhen Serhijovych

Kovalenko Evgeni Sergeevich

Kovalenko Evgenij Sergeevič

Covalenco Yevgen Sergiiovych

Kovalenko Yevhen Serhiĭovȳch

Коваленко Евгений Сергеевич

Kovalenko Evgeniy Sergeevich

Kovalenko Jevgen Sergijovich

Kovalenko Ievgen Sergiiovych

Kovalenko Êvgen Sergìjovič

Kovalenko Jevgen Sergijovič

Kovalenko Evgenii Sergeevich

Kovalenko Jevhen Serhijovyč