Stohnii Serhii Borysovych

Сategory Close associate
Date of birth
Last position LLC "Enegotehprom", Deputy Director
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (Ukrainian Parliament) , Member of Parliament of Ukraine, of "Narodniy Front" Party, Head of the Parliamentary Committee on Fuel and Energy Complex, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety

business relationships

є (були) пов'язаними із ТОВ "ЕНЕРГОТЕХПРОМ"

є (були) пов'язаними із ДП «Штоєрман-Україна ГМБХ»

Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
Chairman of the Board 33833671
Former Director 30968373
Deputy Director 32309445
Member of the Supervisory Board 30860173
other spellings of name

Stohniy Serhiy Borysovych

Stogniy Sergey Borisovich

Stogni Sergey Borisovich

Stognij Sergej Borisovich

Stognijj Sergejj Borisovich

Stohniy Serhiy Borysovytch

Stognij Sergij Borisovich

Stohnii Serhii Borysovych

Стогний Сергей Борисович

Stogny Sergey Borisovich

Stohnij Serhij Borysowytsch

Stognij Sergej Borisovič

Stognii Sergii Borysovych

Stognij Sergij Borisovič

Stognii Sergei Borisovich

Stohnij Serhij Borysovych

Stohniĭ Serhiĭ Borȳsovȳch

Stohnij Serhij Borysovyč