Hlushak Vasyl Stepanovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position SE "Argentum", Head
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
Period Position
SE "Argentum", Head
other spellings of name

Glushac Vasyl' Stepanovych

Glushak Vasil' Stepanovich

Glushak Vasili Stepanovich

Glushak Vasily Stepanovich

Glushak Vasyl Stepanovych

Glušak Vasil' Stepanovič

Glušak Vasil′ Stepanovič

Hlouchak Vasyl Stepanovytch

Hluschak Wasyl Stepanowytsch

Hlushak Vasyl Stepanovych

Hlushak Vasyl' Stepanovych

Hlushak Vasȳl Stepanovȳch

Hlušak Vasylʹ Stepanovyč

glushak Vasil Stepanovich

glushak Vasil' Stepanovich

glushak Vasilii Stepanovich

glushak Vasilij Stepanovich

glushak Vasilijj Stepanovich

glushak Vasiliy Stepanovich

glushak Vasily Stepanovich

glushak Vasil′ Stepanovich

glušak Vasilij Stepanovič

glušak Vasil′ Stepanovič

глушак Василий Степанович

глушак Василь Степанович