Bohuslavskyi Vladyslav Vladyslavovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position State Enterprise South Donbas Mine #3 after M.S.Surgaya, Head
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
Period Position
July 28, 2016 — State Enterprise South Donbas Mine #3 after M.S.Surgaya, Head
other spellings of name

Bohuslavskyi Vladyslav Vladyslavovych

Bohuslawskyj Wladyslaw Wladyslawowytsch

Bohuslavsʹkyj Vladyslav Vladyslavovyč

Boguslavskij Vladislav Vladislavovič

Bohouslavskyy Vladyslav Vladyslavovytch

Bohuslavs'kyy Vladyslav Vladyslavovych

Boguslavskiy Vladislav Vladislavovich

Boguslavski Vladislav Vladislavovich

Bohuslavs'kyi Vladyslav Vladyslavovych

Boguslavs'cyi Vladyslav Vladyslavovych

Bohuslavskȳĭ Vladȳslav Vladȳslavovȳch

Bohuslavsky Vladyslav Vladyslavovych

Boguslavskii Vladislav Vladislavovich

Boguslavs′kij Vladislav Vladislavovič

Богуславский Владислав Владиславович

Bohuslavs'kyj Vladyslav Vladyslavovych

Boguslavsky Vladislav Vladislavovich

Boguslavskijj Vladislav Vladislavovich

Bohuslavski Vladyslav Vladyslavovych

Boguslavs'kij Vladislav Vladislavovich

Boguslavskij Vladislav Vladislavovich

Boguslavs'kij Vladislav Vladislavovič

Boguslavskyi Vladyslav Vladyslavovych