Omelianovskyi Petro Yosypovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Last position NPC "Energy Company of Ukraine", Head
April 19, 2013 Resigned
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
other spellings of name

Omeljanovs'kij Petro Josipovič

Omelianovskyi Petro Iosypovych

Omelânovskij Petr Iosifovič

Omelyanovskiy Petr Iosifovich

Omelânovs′kij Petro Josipovič

Omelianovs'kyi Petro Yosypovych

Omelianovsky Petro Yosypovych

Omelianovs'cyi Petro Yosypovych

Omelianovskyi Petro Yosypovych

Omeljanovskijj Petr Iosifovich

Omelianovski Petro Yosypovych

Omelyanovsky Petr Iosifovich

Omeljanovs'kij Petro Josipovich

Omelyanovskij Petr Iosifovich

Omeljanowskyj Petro Josypowytsch

Omelianovskii Petr Iosifovich

Omelyanovs'kyy Petro Yosypovych

Omelyanovskȳĭ Petro Ĭosȳpovȳch

Omelyanovski Petr Iosifovich

Omeljanovs'kyj Petro Josypovych

Omeljanovskij Petr Iosifovich

Omeljanovsʹkyj Petro Josypovyč

Омеляновский Петр Иосифович

Omelianovskyy Petro Yosypovytch

Omelianovskyi Peter Yosypovych