Boiko Yurii Oleksandrovych

Сategory Domestic Politically Exposed Person
Date of birth
Last position PJSC "Rivne Radiotechnical Plant", Head
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period
Period Position
Nov. 1, 2011 — PJSC "Rivne Radiotechnical Plant", Head
other spellings of name

Boyko Yury Aleksandrovich

Bojko Ûrìj Oleksandrovič

Bojko Jurij Oleksandrovič

Bojko Jurij Oleksandrovyč

Boiko Iurii Oleksandrovych

Bojjko Jurijj Aleksandrovich

Bojko Jurij Aleksandrovich

Boiko Yurii Oleksandrovych

Boiko Iurii Aleksandrovich

Bojko Yurij Aleksandrovich

Bojko Ûrij Aleksandrovič

Boiko Yurii Olexandrovych

Bojko Jurij Oleksandrowytsch

Бойко Юрий Александрович

Bojko Jurij Oleksandrovych

Boyko Yuriy Aleksandrovich

Bojko Jurij Oleksandrovich

Boyko Yuriy Alexandrovich

Boyko Yuri Aleksandrovich

Boĭko Yuriĭ Oleksandrovȳch

Boyko Iouriy Oleksandrovytch

Boico Yurii Olecsandrovych

Boyko Yuriy Oleksandrovych