Privalov Daniil Hennadiiovych

Privalov Daniil Hennadiiovych

Сategory Family member
Date of birth
Last position ТОВ ФІРМА "ДІАНА", Former Founder/shareholder
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Сокирянська районна рада , Голова Сокирянської районної ради

father in law
personal relationships
business relationships

Партнери по ТОВ "Фірма "Діана"

Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
Former Founder/shareholder 19463493
Former Founder/shareholder 40135643
other spellings of name

Привалов Даниил Геннадьевич

Prìvalov Danìïl Gennadìjovič

Privalov Daniil Gennadievič

Privalov Danijil Gennadijovich

Privalov Daniil Gennadiiovych

Privalov Daniyil Hennadiyovych

Priwalow Danijil Hennadijowytsch

Привалов Даниил Геннадиевич

Privalov Daniil Gennadievich

Privalov Daniil Gennad'evich

Privalov Danijil Hennadijovyč

Privalov Daniyil Hennadijovych

Privalov Daniil Gennad′evich

Privalov Daniïl Hennadiyovytch

Privalov Daniil Gennad'yevich

Privalov Daniil Hennadiiovych

Privalov Daniil Gennadijovič

Privalov Daniil Gennadevich

Privalov Daniyil Hennadiĭovȳch

Privalov Daniil Gennad′evič