Snitko Yevhen Mykolaiovych

Сategory Family member
May 18, 2016 Close associate or family member - PEP is no more PEP
Connections to individuals
Name Type of connection Period

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine , Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine


АТ "Укрзалізниця" , Заступник начальника Департаменту економіки, планування та бюджетування

other spellings of name

Snitko Jevhen Mykolajovyč

Snitko Yevhen Mykolaiovych

Snitco Yevgen Mycolaiovych

Snitko Yevhen Mȳkolaĭovȳch

Snitko Evgeny Nikolaevich

Snitko Yevhen Mykolayovych

Snitko Jevgen Mikolajovich

Snitko Evgenij Nikolaevič

Snitko Ievhen Mykolayovytch

Snitko Evgeni Nikolaevich

Snitko Evgeniy Nikolaevich

Snitko Jewhen Mykolajowytsch

Snitko Yevhen Mykolajovych

Snitko Yevgeniy Nikolaevich

Snitko Eugene Mykolaiovych

Снитко Евгений Николаевич

Snitko Evgenii Nikolaevich

Snitko Ievgen Mykolaiovych

Snitko Evgenijj Nikolaevich

Snìtko Êvgen Mikolajovič

Snitko Jevgen Mikolajovič

Snitko Evgenij Nikolaevich