Kolomiiets Pavlo Andriiovych

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Kolomiyets Pavlo Andriĭovȳch

Kolomijec' Pavlo Andrijovich

Kolomijec' Pavlo Andrijovič

Kolomiets Pavel Andreevich

Kolomiyets' Pavlo Andrijovych

Kolomijecʹ Pavlo Andrijovyč

Kolomiiets' Pavlo Andriiovych

Коломиец Павел Андреевич

Colomiiets' Pavlo Andriiovych

Kolomiiets Pavlo Andriyovytch

Kolomiiets Pavlo Andriiovych

Kolomiecz Pavel Andreevich

Kolomiec Pavel Andreevič

Kolomijez Pawlo Andrijowytsch

Kolomìêc′ Pavlo Andrìjovič

Kolomiyets' Pavlo Andriyovych

Kolomiec Pavel Andreevich

Kolomietc Pavel Andreevich