Mahera Yosyp Vasylovych

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Mahera Yosyp Vasylovych

Magera Josip Vasil′ovič

Magera Iosif Vasil′evich

Mahera Yosyp Vasylovytch

Magera Iosif Vasil′evič

Mahera Josyp Vasylʹovyč

Magera Iosif Vasilevich

Magera Iosif Vasil'yevich

Mahera Josyp Wasylowytsch

Магера Иосиф Васильевич

Magera Yosyp Vasyl'ovych

Mahera Yosyp Vasyl'ovych

Mahera Ĭosȳp Vasȳlovȳch

Magera Josip Vasil'ovič

Magera Josip Vasil'ovich

Magera Iosyp Vasylovych

Mahera Josyp Vasyl'ovych

Magera Iosif Vasil'evich