Hladkovskyi Ihor Olehovych

Hladkovskyi Ihor Olehovych

Сategory Family member
Date of birth
Last position Limited Liability Company "Bogdan" AG", ownership
Connections to individuals
Connections to legal entities
Name Type of connection Code
ownership 32347815
other spellings of name

Gladcovs'cyi Igor Olegovych

Hladkovski Ihor Olehovych

Hladkovsʹkyj Ihor Olehovyč

Гладковский Игорь Олегович

Gladkovskiy Igor Olegovich

Gladkovski Igor Olegovich

Gladkovskijj Igor′ Olegovich

Hladkovsky Ihor Olehovych

Gladkovskyi Igor Olegovych

Hladkowskyj Ihor Olehowytsch

Gladkovs′kij Ìgor Olegovič

Hladkovs'kyi Ihor Olehovych

Gladkovskii Igor Olegovich

Gladkovs'kij Igor Olegovič

Hladkovs'kyj Ihor Olehovych

Hladkovskyy Ihor Olehovytch

Gladkovskij Igor' Olegovich

Gladkovsky Igor Olegovich

Hladkovs'kyy Ihor Olehovych

Gladkovskiy Igor' Olegovich

Gladkovs'kij Igor Olegovich

Hladkovskyi Ihor Olehovych

Gladkovskij Igor′ Olegovič

Hladkovskȳĭ Ihor Olehovȳch